Revolutionizing In-Content Branded Advertising
Software-as-a-Service Solution for Media Publishers to Drive Real Revenue
The Power Of Photo & Video
Dolo’s digital vision technology automates the analysis and dynamic insertion of branded content, providing advertisers and publishers seamless, personalized branding, in real-time, in any video or photo.
Game-Changing Proprietary Technology Architecture
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Saas Ad Campaign Management Platform

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In-content Optimal
Ad Replacement

  • In-context of Photo/Video
  • Dynamic Brand Advertising

Visual Identification

  • Computer Vision Technologies
  • Recognition
  • Classification
  • Tagging

Ad Analytics

  • Machine Learning
  • Targeting
  • Recommendation
  • Predictive Content
  • Big Ready Data

In-content Ad Solution

  • Enterprise Portal
  • Workflow Automation
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Publisher Content Management

Publisher Content Management

Publisher AdTech Stack

Publisher AdTech Stack

Publisher Analytics

Publisher Analytics
Our Team
Dolo's executive team comprises over 80 years combined Advertising, Brand Marketing and AdTech experience.
Dirk Brown
Dirk Brown
Co-Founder, CEO
Tarz Ludwigsen
Tarz Ludwigsen
Co-Founder, President/CTO
Bob Glassett
Bob Glassett
Chief Architect
Mark Bradshaw
Mark Bradshaw
VP, Product Integration
The Future of Brand Advertising
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Dolo is a proprietary technology platform that revolutionizes the power of brands within digital photos & videos.
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Make Your Brand Advertising
More Effective
New Premium Inventory to Monetize
  • Ad campaign life-cycle management – integration of advertisement in videos and photos
  • Dolo technology analyzes, identifies and manipulates visual information in video and images, enabling new revenue opportunity
Set Publishers up for Speed and Agility
  • Dynamic, targeted, contextual advertising at scale – mobile and desktop
  • Enables just-in-time advertising and enhances cross promotion of editorial content
  • Designed for marketing and ad-operations workflow – no engineering expertise required
Delivers New Photo/Video Analytics and Insight
  • Visual data dashboard to create, monitor, and manage performance of campaigns.
  • Role-based tailored analytics and performance insights tied to critical business drivers and ROI.
  • In-depth understanding of consumer behavior.
Product Solutions that Organically Integrate Brands

In-Content Photo Solution
Dolo’s proprietary In-Content Photo Solution technology provides publishers and advertisers an automated content integration platform that intuitively builds dynamic & predictive solutions in real-time.
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In-Content Video Solution
Dolo’s proprietary In-Content Video Solution technology provides publishers and advertisers automated, seamless brand content integration within video in real-time.

Visual ID
Dolo proprietary Visual ID technology empowers advertisers and publishers with the identification of all monetizable content points of both video & photo, meaning more revenue for existing and new inventory.

Visual Insights & Analytics
Dolo Insights and Analytics platform ensures publishers and brand advertisers the ROI they demand and the predictive direction they require. Only Dolo feature sets provide this degree of depth and opportunity.
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